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That RuPaul wisdom is real under today's Mercury-Neptune trine.

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You'll never get past this if you keep beating yourself up or obsessing over what went wrong. Instead, resolve to do better next time and turn your focus to the future.

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Do you know anyone who's been through a similar struggle—and also made it to the other side? See what lessons you can learn from their journey, whether you hear about it over dinner or read their inspiring autobiography. Fantasy or reality? You'll certainly FEEL like rocking the rose-colored glasses.

Monthly Horoscope Leo February - Horoscope - haicadecon.tk

But more research is warranted before you put legit time and energy into a purely romantic notion. Today, however, you won't feel much like dealing with the practicalities of life, potentially necessitating scheduling changes. Save the spreadsheet review for tomorrow and use today for a creative brainstorming session or a friendly lunch with a client you've already wooed.

Who says office hours actually have to take place in the office? As the moon whirs in your innovation zone this morning, plant yourself somewhere ideal for generating new thoughts. Maybe that IS the conference room, surrounded by your hivemind. But you could just as well meet your team OUT for breakfast and pop into a bookstore or inspiring exhibit on your way back to your desks.

Take off the thinking cap this afternoon as the moon downshifts into your dreamy twelfth house. A restorative night at home or the spa!

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But note: If you take a disco nap, you might get a second wind for dancing long after dusk. You want to see the best in people, Leo, but under on Saturday's muddling moon-Pluto opposition, positive thinking is not the greatest gauge. Check the facts behind people's claims. Even if they speak with the utmost confidence, they could still be pulling the wool over your eyes. Then again, there's a chance that THEY have been misinformed themselves.

No need to let your suspicious mind take the wheel.

Leo Dates of Birth

Just do your independent research and you'll know what—and who—you're dealing with. I like a challenge! I'll tell you who's a bad match: Leo and Scorpio. Here is an example: Leo is ruled by the sun and Scorpio is ruled by Pluto as well as Mars. The sun and Pluto are far apart, to the extremes, so the people ruled by these astral bodies have to be polar oppisites.

And that's the worst possible match?

If you want to offer information, make mention of what discrete behaviours drove you from eachother. I've never got on very well with Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio. The Moon affects your emotions, so that too has a bearing on the kind of Leo you are. For every arrogant buffoon there's a sensitive ambivert like me! First, I think the difference should be noted in these articles that signs are 'romantically compatible' with trine signs of their own element, while only 'complimentary' to those of 60 and degree aspects. Second, more emphasis should be placed on the potency of ninety degree square aspects.

The pair of respective polar signs have the power to transform the individual of a given sign, depending on which diverging path he or she chooses to follow. What is wrong with compatibilities? There are too many general statements made and not enough proof. Slowish guitar talk , 16 August UTC. Leo's have excellent compatibles with gemini , scorpio , aries and Sagittarius. Leo's and Geminis shares a very romantic compatibility with each other.

In addition, they have also a perfect match with scorpio. While they have very friendly and lovely compatible with. Leo transits this is an average area between 22 july to 23 august. A lot here is presented as fact without reference or attribution. Seeing as these matters are disputed by many, this article should not make judgements of fact, but rather should attribute these claims to individuals.

This is an article about astrology.

Today's Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, November 12, 12222

There are very few words in this article that any reasonable person would consider "fact". I am confused. Every other astrology page is simple and gets to the facts about each sign. Why is the Leo page 1. Open up an astrology book, list the basics as every other sign has listed, credit it, and if you want more information or want to have a debate, bring your egos over to an astrology website. Every astrological sign brings something to the table and in reality, I'd say Aries is the King of the Zodiac.

Love, a Leo who is sick of the battle of the egos and just wants to read about my freaking birth stone.

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I've done the run around on wikipedia, and come back to where I started. The current page says that the duration of the Leo is from March 20th to April 20th. The actual duration of the Leo is from July 23rd to August 22nd. I tried to edit the page to fix the error but it said the correct date in the edit section and the dates are only wrong on the actual page.

I have created a module which encapulates values for the dates the Sun enters and exits the various signs; the data is taken from the U. The Template:Zodiac date produces some erroneous results, so I hope to implement the change this week. It is only practical to implement one date and citation style for the module and infobox, so it would be helpful if we can agree on what format to use for the various sign articles. Please discuss at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Astrology Corrections to dates, date and citation format in sign articles.

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